About Me

My name is Dora,a very orginal girl who LOVE to eat, sleep and laugh. But the most of things that I love is make-up and lifestyle.I’m not very beutyfull but not that ugly like a moneykey .LOL ^^. I defnitely think monkey are all cutie!. So let agrre with that 😀

I live with my moto: ‘ Every beauty and lifestyle lovers are my sisters’. So ít the reason why I start my blog name is beautymuse ‘ Muse is one of the nine Goddesses who encouraged poetry, music and other branches of art and literature. ‘That’ is not mean myself, it means to point you.And if you can include me… 🙂

So you have it, my blog name is Thatbeautymuse ❤

My favourite food is something sweet cos I have got a really sweet tooth. Sometimes I can't decide which thing I can have for snack: Choccolate or Creamy cake. I love it all but I can't gain weight so I have to choose one of it, of course. But I end up eating all :v. So what is your favorite food? Tell me, and i'd love to get to know you.

I come from a very typical family. My dad is a really strict but wonderful father. My mom is do dedicate and a really beauty lovers too. :*. I have one tall and handsome younger brother. He is awesome, and i'm the awesome one,too. Is that too wrong 'laughing out loud'

I use Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and seem like addicted to social media.Let say Hi if you get there!

I had a dream becoming an actress. Now time has passed, but still I do be an actress dream chaser. How long could it be???. Never, I do things i love and it makes me live not live to do.

My dream is to own a beauty center and can make a lot of make-up videos to show mycreative work for you guy <3. And when I find my true love and run away with him, I will let you all to manage my work :))). That sound fun!.

I have showed my work for Tastything and here is the makeup look that they do love :http://upurlookup.daportfolio.com/.

Seem like a lot <3. but not much

Ohhhh, I love travelling too and my dream prince just need to love me the way i am. That's all.<3

What else do you want to know more about me?.

I will find more and keep update when more exciting things about me come in the future.

Let be friend, grow sistership, and share love on this blog!!!

Thanks for reading me.

Be very thanksful.



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